Amir Nawaz releases 3rd single ‘Tak Tak Tenu’

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After two Releases This Year Amir Nawaz brings to you his 3rd single ‘Tak Tak Tenu’ (GorillaChillaProductions) Available yet again for a free download!


Amir has released this track alongside his previous tracks as a thanks to all his loyal fans supporting his music!

This song shows the soft and subtle side of his vocals with his melodious tone. The song revolves around a fairy tale love theme and the beat compliments this with a unique feel good effect.

The song projects the effect of love and how one feels when going through this moment.

For those who may not be aware Amir Nawaz is a brand new artist hailing from the UK. Born and raised in Manchester

His previous tracks ‘Raj Raj Keh’ And Kalli Kalli Nachdi are both available on his Facebook, YouTube and sound cloud accounts.

To keep track of Amir, You can join him on the pages below for events, music and future releases.

And we look forward to awaiting his new album which releases Early Next Year!

(Twitter- @ AmirNawazSinger)

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(YouTube – Amir-Nawaz-Singer)

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