Introducing Pravini

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Pravini a Desi female singer/songwriter from the Netherlands with her own band releases her new album, Diaspora, which contains music influenced by Indian and South American rhythms, (being part of the Indian Diaspora, my roots trace back to India to Suriname, eventually to the Netherlands), hiphop flows and soulful melodies.


With the typical Indian dot, the bindiya, on her forehead and her colorful fashion Pravini proves to be one of the most intriguing upcoming artists within the Dutch soul music. With a unique vision of her own this singer/songwriter brings her new studio album Diaspora to life during her live shows. "I really enjoyed the writing and recording process of the record, but I live for sharing the music live with the audience. The energy of the music comes into its own on stage."

Diaspora Beats

With a drummer and bass player who grew up with Suriname and Indian rhythms and a guitar player who had evolved within rock, Pravini fused these influences with her own hiphop and soul background and created a new sound: Diaspora. Diaspora brings versatility at its best with mystical rhythms of exotic India and South America and rocking hip-hop and soul of the West. The single Armed & Sexy reached the top 10 in Suriname and turned Pravini into massive hit. With her music Pravini has introduced the audience to a fresh new sound that is enriched live by collaborations with guest artists from the various genres she has been inspired by.

Pravini views her live show as a concept on its own: "I call it Diaspora Beats, which refers to the heartbeat and rhythm of the Diaspora. I want to show the richness of the different worlds I grew up with. The energy that the rhythm of the Indian dhol entails intrigues me as much as a heavy hip-hop beat. The Bollywood classic soul touches me to the core just as the soul of the West. I want to bring these forces together on stage." With Diaspora Beats Pravini steps outside the box and works with hip-hop artists, dancers and musicians from the Bollywood Genre. Beyond Borders

Encouraged by her mother to take piano lessons at the tender age of 6 Pravini knew early on she found the love of her life in music. After graduating from high school at 18 she left Europe on her own to participate in the summer performance program at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. There she sharpened her skills as a musician, playing the keys and writing her own songs. In 2006 she released her first single and music video titled 'Cuz I'm A Lady. By doing this she broke boundaries by being the first Dutch Indian R&B soul singer appearing on Dutch television with her own music video. That same year she received her first award, the HSFN music award, for her accomplishments as an artist. Not only was she noted for her boundary breaking music video, but also appreciated for writing her own music outside the traditional Bollywood genre the Indian community is used to. Since then she has been invited regularly to festivals and other performance stages to show her music and share her talent. Always leaving her mark by connecting with the audience and bringing music from the heart.

In 2009 Pravini decided to literally cross borders and set up her first international tour in the United States where she did 15 shows in 2 months and performed in New York, Miami, Virginia, San Diego and Los Angeles. A year later she was rewarded with the Shakti Award during the Saraswati Festival for her work as a Dutch Indian female artist and her musical contribution to the Dutch Indian community.

By working with several producers from around the world Pravini has been able to release three albums since 2008: PraVision, Roses from Raj and Beyond Borders.

Goodwill Ambassador for the Global Human Rights Defence

Because of her background and her ability to reach people she was asked to become the goodwill ambassador of the Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD), an international human rights organization focusing primarily on human rights abuses committed against minority communities in South. Together with GHRD Pravini uses music as a tool and show stages as a platform to tell the stories of people who can't speak for themselves.