Anu Sihota London Finalist Miss World UK '13

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Many may know Anu Sihota for her singing in girl group Serese, but as part of her solo projects and goals, recently entered Miss India Worldwide UK 2013 and was selected as one of 5 London finalists!

On the 28th September 2012, Anu Sihota had the honour of being crowned the regional winner of West London, at the Miss India Worldwide UK 2013 pageant. This is the only pageant of its type, where beauty, grace, talent, charity and intelligence are measured equally when choosing a winner.

Miss Sihota is now working to support the charity WaterAid. The simple human right to safe water facilities is still not accessible to everyone in the world, and WaterAid, an international charity based in London, is dedicated to helping people escape the poverty and disease which is caused by living without safe water and sanitation.

“WaterAid is a charity which has always been close to my heart. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful for being alive, healthy and my loved ones being safe.”

WaterAid is a charity which works alongside local organisations in 27 countries; in Africa, Asia, the Pacific region and Central America, helping poor communities establish sustainable water supplies and latrines, close to their homes.

To help support this fantastic cause, make a donation at Anu’s Just Giving ‘Water Is Life’ page, at, any donation big or small is very welcome!

Credits: RICHARD PASCOE Photography.

Please join Anu, as she prepares for the national rounds in Miss India UK Worldwide, representing her hometown London, and with your support, she vows to help make a difference.