Kiran releases ChKolate Soda Video

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Watch the full Video by Kiran (K) to her first single ChKolate Soda, Directed by Ed Moore (choreographer for Usher, Janet Jackson) here!


Directed by Ed Moore (choreographer for Usher, Janet Jackson)

Choreographed by Ed Moore and Rujuta Vaidya

DP and Editor Devin Jamieson (another dancer from Canada. Known for being chosen as one of the main dancers for Michael Jackson's This Is It Tour)

K states, "My name is written in Punjabi in graffitti on a wall in my video. Only people who can read punjabi will notice. There are elements of Indian classical dance movements infused with hip hop; the dancers that do contortions are known as flexers."

Her passion for dance, and music got pop singer Kiran also known as K in Bollywood films while she lived in Canada. The Canadian born songstress of Indian descent worked hard to develop her skills in dancing, and singing getting trained in both, and eventually getting booked in B-town films to dance during the film's dance sequences. Kiran had her eye on the entertainment industry, and she knew she had to be in the Entertainment capital of the world to do it. She moved to LA where she made a name for herself.

As a dancer Kiran has danced alongside several celebrities including Justin Timberlake, and Snopp Dogg. Kiran's beauty, and charisma got her TV hosting positions where she interviewed celebs such as American rapper T.I. when he was at the height of his career, and many other celebrities. Although Kiran was flourishing in the mainstream she stayed true to her Punjabi roots, and got known to be the first Punjabi professional hip-hop dancer in the States. She also hosted for Asian networks including AVS, and Zee TV.

Now Kiran is ready to embark on her music career after many mainstream music industry executives have suggested she do so. Kiran's video for her first single ChKolate Soda is a visual experience.