Kiran Dhanoa Ft Naamless "Scared (Darr)" - Full Video

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After releasing “Tere Bina Nahin Jeena” in August 2011; KIRAN DHANOA is back with her new single, check out the full video here!


“SCARED (DARR)” produced by Rishi Rich’s protégé ‘NAAMLESS’. Fusing together her sweet melodies and heartfelt lyrics, KD brings a Dubstep vibe to show you another side of her...

The single will be launched as a free download on 17th September along with a video shot at the legendary RISHI RICH studios...

“I feel that moving from TBNJ which was a sweet/ loved up track to a dubstep vibe that is questioning love is a massive contrast and even a risk doing something like this so early on in my journey... But I feel that after taking a break from the scene to complete my degree I want to thank the people that have been routing for me since my first release; this is from me to them...”

NAAMLESS, a multi genre producer who has been shadowing the legendary music maker Rishi Rich for the last year explains that “SCARED (DARR)” was born out of a “spontaneous studio session...once KD played me her idea; I knew that Dubstep would give the track justice. KD is still developing and as a plus point can gamble with her sound rather than being stereotyped... By fusing my sound and her vocals together; we’re testing the waters!!”

“SCARED (DARR)” Will Be Out As A Free Download WITH A Full Video On 17th September.


+3 #1 hsraj 2012-09-12 07:28
What's the point of these promos? Last single was ok, see how this goes.

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