Watch Hasaan Khan ft. Toofan Singh & Singh Mahoon - Khalistani Panjabi

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Watch the video to the Song 'Khalistani Panjabi' by Hasaan Khan featuring Toofan Singh & Singh Mahoon!

Hasaan Khan - Dedicated underground Panjabi Rap artist based on East coast From Newark, New Jersey & a revolutionary underground Panjabi. He has started off as a battle rapper with local emcees in Newark, NJ. To be able to speak his mind without any regulations, he refused to go mainstream & not in the route of commercialized industry music.

An independent artist with a rap style that is pure hardcore in Panjabi. Being truly inspired by Khalsa history of Panjab, Khan speaks on the corruption & the reality of Panjab today through Hip Hop.

The revolution of Hasaan Khan is to awaken the mind of a person to be able to think & speak freely, rather to be controlled & regulated by the mainstream industry.

Khan believes Panjab should also be reunited as it is the land of Baba Nanak Ji & Baba Farid Ji first before anything else.

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