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Introducing Jevi

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A Very Talented Singer And Breath Of Fresh Air All The Way From Sunny Old Wales-Cardiff, He Goes By The Name Of 'Jevi'.

Jevi Has Teamed Up With The Dark Mc & Angel To Produce Something Of Pure Energy, Jevi Is Soon To Be Working On His E.P Very Shortly Within The Vibe Artist Management Camp Alongside Some Top Bhangra Industry Producers.

Jevi Also Has A Live Elegant-Enegetic & Funky Live Bhangra Band Where They Play All Covers Ranging From Lembher To Surjit Binderakhia Along With Some Of His Own Exclusives Which They Play at Weddings And Melas-Festivals All Over.

The Band Are Booked Out Globally Alongside the Famous Jazzy B And Ex DCS Dholak Player 'Tubsy' They Go By The Name Of The 'Desi Groove Band'

This Is One To Watch Out For.


{audio}media/Music/Nov09/Angel - Dasi Ni Dasi ft. Jevi.mp3{/audio} - Listen Here



0 #5 s11khi 2009-12-19 18:36
when i heard [censored] mc straight away i knew this track was guna be a big track u just get that vibe off da track. i like when da beat kicks in at around 47 seconds once again [censored] mc and angel doing it big and coming out with something new, jevi's vocals also complement the song well as ppl would say its a mitti vaajh.
0 #4 teje 2009-12-12 20:01
omg pure raw talent here
0 #3 bhangramuffin 2009-12-10 19:36
Is he signed to vibe then? they are killing it right nw!
0 #2 bhangramuffin 2009-12-10 19:35
very tallented young lad..!
0 #1 pimpp 2009-11-24 13:39
amazing..When is it out??

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