Illmatik ft. Phophec - Kee Kariye (Video)

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Illmatik releases his E.P titled ‘We Are Not The Same’ - Check out the full video "Kee Kariye" featuring Phophec coming off the E.P, Music by DJ Surinder Rattan here!

The E.P features Manak-E, Anu Malik, Ashok Gill and The PropheC is out now on the MovieBox label. Music By "Big Drama Ent." (Surinder Rattan).

Track Listing

1. Tere Bina (featuring Manak-E)

2. Holli Holli (featuring Anu Malik)

3 Ik Vaari (featuring Ashok Gill)

4. Kee Kariye (featuring The PropheC)


pop star
0 #3 pop star 2013-01-01 13:04
got to say what a load of pant!

even the music man! what the hell! 0/10
+3 #2 davsta 2012-12-19 22:31
illmatik your tune with manak-e was ok until you started rapping in it , wack rapping ....stick to the day job mate
+2 #1 Weeman 2012-12-17 21:39
PropheC makes good production at some level. However, i saw on Facebook the other day, that he was making a track with Micky Singh. Now that is a talented guy!!

I just wish and hope that PropheC will stick to make the production and despite having alright vocals, won't feature on the song as a co-singer.

Please don't do that PropheC.

Btw: Illmatik rap 1/10.

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