Sonnyji Launches New show ‘East Beatz West’ Online

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Former BBC Asian Network DJ Sonnyji has put together over 250 live mixtapes for the BBC on his show the Bhangra Mixtape these last five years. At the end of October 2012 that very show came to an end.  But all is not lost. . . .


Sonnyji is now taking his talents online with his new podcast ‘East Beatz West’. This radio mixcast is a live fusion of Bhangra, House, Electro, Hip Hip, D&B & so much more from a DJ & presenter who is the pioneer of the cross genre Bhangra mix.

Says Sonnyji “Bhangra music for me is an infectious, heavily percussive form of music that when mixed with music from the cross genre spectrum can come into life in many different ways. I aim is to continue progressing this genre with my new mixcast, bringing in new listeners from all over the world and having a new show for my very supportive and loyal fan base who have got used to listening to content that challenges them”

The ‘East Beatz West’ Mixcast is exactly that. Eastern beats like Bhangra, Asian Alternative and at times Bollywood mixed with western beats such as House, Tech House, Hip Hop, Electronica, Dubstep, Moombahton, London Bass music and so much more. Sonnyji is a DJ that comes from a history of pioneering sounds through the DJ mix and that trend will not stop.

The new show is a move forward and will see Sonnyji incorporate more alternative music into his mixes than he did while on the BBC. The ‘East Beatz West’ podcast will see him delve much deeper into the mix in terms of genre’s and music from the South Asian diaspora and the world. This is a podcasting first. Bhangra beats mixed live into western rhythms for a new generation of listeners that demand more and are open to change.

This is the first Mixcast from Sonnyji but there will be more delivered fortnightly. You can access the new new show at


0 #2 Chicken 2012-12-10 15:16
The AMX track is banging like a chicken wing!!
Unknown DJ
+2 #1 Unknown DJ 2012-12-04 11:18
Yaaaa!!! he's back

screw the BBC Asian network.

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