Ricky Jatt 'Breaking the Mold'

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Emdo Entertainment artist, Ricky Jatt has released a behind the scenes look at his musical journey as he begins to record a cover of Dr. Zeus’s hit song “Kangna”. The video, titled Breaking the Mold, provides a sneak peek into the life of not only, Ricky Jatt, the artist but Vikram, the person.

Videography for this video was done by Bryan Davis Ltd. Music Producer, Raashi Kulkarni has pulled together a talented team of musicians from Washington, DC, who will craft a unique cover to a memorable song. All the musicians, who have rising music careers of their own, have never recorded a professional track together before and this is an exciting opportunity for all parties involved. The musicians include John Lee (Guitar), Louie Diller (Drums) and Dominic Martinez (Bass). Raashi will be performing Piano for the track. The final track will be complimented with a music video and since it is a cover, it will be available for free download.

Ricky Jatt began his professional career in 2010 and since then he has performed at various events and has recorded several sample tracks, however this will be his first professional release.

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