Jaz Dhami & Honey Singh - High Heels (Behind The Scenes)

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Check out the Behind the scenes footage to 'High Heels' - The massive single by Jaz Dhami & Honey Singh! The single has racked up nearly 5 million video views on youtube in just over a month!


Jaz Dhami spoke to us Exclusively on the single:

Honey and I had been to-ing and fro-ing with songs, recorded lyrics then binned them. Finally this track came about, once I'd done my vocals, Honey went in and did his thing. When I first heard how he'd made my voice sound, I was put off. I didn't want a heavy effect on my voice. Honeys reaction was "what are you afraid of? Everyone knows you can sing, now let's switch it up". Initially I was sceptical but he had a point, I can and continue to showcase my vocal ability throughout my work. This was about being experimental with sounds. I'm really happy the way the tracks come out and the reaction I've had so far has been crazy!


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