Tarli Digital & Dalvinder Singh's 'Nach De Punjabi' reaches Bollywood

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Having released over a decade ago, the iconic single 'Nach De Punjabi' by UK duo Tarli Digital & Dalvinder Singh has been signed up to the Bollywood movie 'Ajab Gazabb Love'

'Nach De Punjabi' was first released over 10 years ago on the debut Tarli Digital album 'The Dub Conspiracy' - which came out on Moviebox records. Having been picked out for the film 'Ajab Gazabb Love', the song was re-recorded by the duo for the film.

Tarli Digital recently released his final album 'Digi-Taal' earlier in 2012, and Dalvinder Singh is set to release his long awaited album 'Born To Singh' very soon.

For now - Enjoy the video to the original 'Nach De Punjabi'!

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