BritAsiaSuperStar is launched at the BritAsiaTV Music Awards

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After 2 successful series of BritAsiaSuperStar, BritAsiaTV are teaming up with Judge and Music Producer, Harj D of XS-BASS to get series 3 underway.  The competition will be returning to your screens early in 2013 due to huge public demand.



The application process is now live on

And entries are coming in fast since the launch at the BATV Awards. The 2013 BASS Competition will see a change, as it will only look at ‘BHANGRA’ genre singers, no-more Bollywood or R&B. However the ‘BHANGRA’ genre will cover all types of Punjabi songs, from UK Bhangra artists, International Bhangra songs, Punjabi/Hindi Film Bhangra songs and more… (If you hear the Dholl in the a song and you can sing it… then compete) The Application process is only open till November, so don't delay and apply now!

Logon to and follow the instructions in the Apply Now section of the website. Be sure to read the terms and conditions and good luck.

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