Gurbinder Kaur - Dhan Dhan Mata Sahib Kaur Ji

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18th Jan 2013, the birth anniversary of Dhan Dhan Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, sees the inaugral release from Blue Movement.


Dhan Dhan Mata Sahib Kaur Ji by Gurbinder Kaur, is a melodious ode to the mother of the Khalsa. Written by Harjinder Singh (author of The Game Of Love), the single features 4 mixes from Dubtician & Philly B, Tribal Music, DJ Stin & the original Piano mix.

Dhan Dhan Mata Sahib Kaur Ji will be available on 18/01/2013 via all major digital stores including iTunes, Amazon & Google Play.


pop star
+2 #12 pop star 2013-01-18 08:41
Weeman ... rate your comment 10/10!
+4 #11 Weeman 2013-01-18 08:27

For your information constructive criticism will serve them better than groupie love.

Learning and improving in life in whatever you do is one the main principles in Sikhism. Don't encourage people not to because of groupie love. Be positive on the note they deserve full marks and honest on those points where improvement is needed.

That is called reality, not hate.
+1 #10 Weeman 2013-01-18 08:25
Quoting Kiran10:
ISo from me and my fellow Canadians Well done Gurbinder! Don't let the haters stop you from making more great music!:D

Do you mind waking up and read before you comment? That would be wise.

No one is hating but giving their opinion and no one discouraged them to not continue. Statement as "don't let haters stop you" just shows that you don't even read before you write.

Be fair now. Don't be a part of a generation where teachers, critics, audiences and general opinion are stated as hate. It's called constructive criticism.
+2 #9 geeman 2013-01-18 03:01
When I listened to the tracks for the first time I got goosebumps... I've ordered the tracks and I look forward to hearing more! So keep up the great seva!
-2 #8 Kiran10 2013-01-18 02:57
I thought this track was amazing, and for those people that don't like the vocals...well then stick to the kind of music or raagis that you like. There will always be haters for certain types of music or vocals, especially when it comes to Sikhs generally. I was kind of expecting negative attitudes after I heard the tracks because it's not your typical type of geet, but that's why I love it. It's angelic, pure and very relaxing. So from me and my fellow Canadians Well done Gurbinder! Don't let the haters stop you from making more great music!:D
+2 #7 Realist. 2013-01-15 10:51
Regarding why i 'support' new artists, its mainly because a lot of the older producers i believe have become complacent, they recycle the same loops and make out that its their 'signature sound.' Due to their strong following, their music sells but generally most of their new stuff is forgotten and the old original classics are remembered (PMC, Aman Hayer)-same with vocalists releasing mediocre songs (Jazzy B, Manmohan Waris)...clearl y out of every 20 new guys only 1 is ever half-decent, but give him a chance!
-1 #6 Realist. 2013-01-15 10:29
Unfortuantely the soundcloud links were not up when i made my previous comments-they were based on what was written and what i knew about the artists. Having heard the 1 minute snippets of the mixes i must admit that i am dissapointed; its a good attempt, ill probably end up buying it simply because its for a good cause but i doubt it'll be something i listen to more than a handful of times.
0 #5 Weeman 2013-01-15 09:37

The lyrics might be about religion, the purpose good, and i belong to a Sikh family also. But truth must not be shadowed by only positive comments.

Singing wise the track is not good. Lyrically i don't have a say regardless of which religion it is - respect to all religions. But musically and vocally - only - i must say this is poor. But then again, this is not an attempt to be a part of the industry and play the songs in concerts, gigs or whatever but purely for religious purpose.

I'll stick with Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa any day. But big up for these people to promote religion and doing something about it. Wonderful work, wonderful message and i will encourage them to do more of this but vocal practice is needed.

But if i'm not mistaken, this is actually a little above the "vocal" level which you will see at local Gurdwaras. Unless you get a proper trained raagi from India of cause.

God bless those who are behind this project
Brown Guy
+2 #4 Brown Guy 2013-01-15 07:43
Before anyone takes a jab at me, these melodies might be about religion, but I still think they dont sound good. Please dont bash me about religion and all this other stuff in the comments section. I'm not offending our religion in any way, I'm just saying the music is horrible. Thank you!
Brown Guy
+2 #3 Brown Guy 2013-01-15 07:38
I'm just takin a shot at guessin, but I think people disliked your comment cause you support people who are no name. I've read your comments on other artists too who are mainstream, and you think their music sucks, while you support all these no name people. Forgive me if im mistaken, but I personally think you like to give support to newcomers alot. We already got a crap load of newcomers into the industry, and most of them are crap. Punjabi music is pretty much shit now cause lyrics are all garbage nowadays, plus the beat is always the same, and I cant forget about bullshit AUTOTUNE in songs these days. Sure these probably trying to make it big also in the industry, but by only releasing an average track, plus a remix to go along with it isn't going to make them big or get noticed really well. I heard both of these songs right now, and I think its garbage. Thats just my two cents. Let me know what other people think. Agree or disagree?
+1 #2 Realist. 2013-01-14 23:25
Ive recieved 2 'dislikes' so far, to my comment which is praising this project. Just interested why people are against it? Is there something consumers should know before they decide to purchase this album?
Instead of just disliking a comment, can you please give feedback, im genuinely interested why certain members of the public dislike the project?
0 #1 Realist. 2013-01-14 22:50
Looking forward to this, Dubtician and Tribal Music will definately be bringing a new sound to the table...DJ Stins is sucessful and highly critical of other artists (which is good) so im hoping his mix is going to be something special.
Not sure who Philly B is...but wish him luck
Great to see some positive music with new REAL producers.

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