Tripet Garielle - Aa Vee Jaa (Out Now)

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Following The Success Of Her Lead Single From Her Forthcoming Debut Solo Album ‘Woh Pal’, She Now Hits Us With A Christmas Surprise - ‘Aa Vee Jaa.’ Produced By The World Renowned Melodic Composer, Atif Ali.

Full of surprises, Santa Cause gives us Tripet’s Christmas track. Aa Vee Jaa is her second single from her forthcoming Debut Solo Album. Accompanied by a music video, Aa Vee Jaa, is Produced and directed by Atif Ali, one of the world’s most renowned music composers, who also recorded the likes of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam.

Tripet Garielle spent a year working with Atif Ali to showcase her versatile talents across a variety of genres - including Dance, Acoustic, Ambient Lounge, Romantic and Sufi Rock. Atif Ali saw in her a gift. His faith in her as an Artist led to the making of a Debut Solo Album, including her surprise Christmas track ‘Aa Vee Jaa.’

This song is a mix of strong lyrics longing for a loved one at the most celebrated time of the year. This song is one of Atif’s favorite songs on the album. He says “I love the attitude in the track.” Tripet Garielle adds, “I really love the vibe of this track, more so with the visual.”

The video has been produced and directed by Masood, who also directed ‘Woh Pal.’ After 2 months of figuring out what, where, how and when, they decided to shoot in London itself to capture the Christmas vibe in order to add depth to the lyrical meaning of the video. “We never rush into our music videos with each other. One thing about Masood is he can talk about storyboards for months, but he will never agree until both him and the Artist are convinced,” she says. Creatively shot, it captures the regret of two lovers after a hasty separation has led them down a dark path of loneliness against the backdrop of the shimmer n glitz of Christmas.

Following Aa Vee Jaa, the Album releases 2016.


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