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Nirmal Sidhu - The Bhangra Star (Out Now)

VIP Records are proud to present the brand new album by internationally renowned vocalist Nirmal Sidhu titled 'The Bhangra Star'. Nirmal Sidhu’s powerful and dynamic vocals are what make him stand out from the crowd and 2012 has proven to be a great year for him as he released many hits last year including, ‘Punjabi Hurrr’ by Bups Saggu, ‘Jawani 2’ by DJ H and most recently ‘Motorcycle’ by Parv and Josh, which also featured Miss Pooja.

‘The Bhangra Star’ features 8 tracks and the first track to be released from the album is ‘Jatt Nu Sharabi’ produced by the talented duo Kaos Productions; “We as Kaos Productions strive to produce a higher quality of music on each and every release and when given the opportunity by VIP Records to work on Nirmal Sidhu’s album, we had to knuckle down and produce a track worthy of the audience.”

Nirmal Sidhu is best known for his energetic, foot tapping songs and ‘Jatt Nu Sharabi’ is no exception! ‘Jatt Nu Sharabi’ is not your average Bhangra track, Kaos Productions have described it as having a “grimy Bhangra fusion feel”, a sound that Nirmal Sidhu hasn’t been associated with before;

“The music pieces are unusual and bring a new angle to this sound. This seemed to be a good direction in which to take the track as this sound is new to Nirmal Sidhu’s vocals and we have tried to mirror the energy he brings within his vocal by providing high energy music”

Kaos Productions have many hits under their belt, including ‘Gidheh Vich Nach’ by Gurbhej Brar, ‘Mundra’ by Saini Surinder and ‘Jawani Punjab Di’ featuring Prabh Gill. ‘Jatt Nu Sharabi’ sees Nirmal Sidhu and Kaos Productions come together for the first time and will definitely be a track that will be played at every wedding/party this year.

“Having already produced Jawani 2 Remix, Nirmal Sidhu and ourselves sat down and selected the song we both thought would be most suitable for the kind of vibe and feel we wanted to apply to his vocals. We hope that the fans of Bhangra music will appreciate the track and with the blessing of the almighty, we continue to improve and provide the public with healthy, intelligent and interesting music.”

Nirmal Sidhu is exclusively signed to VIP Records in UK and Europe and is signed to T-Series in India.