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Arminder Nahal & DJ Amz ft Lucky Sidhu - Dil Vich (Out Now)

After the great success of Gussa by Arminder Nahal and Lucky Sidhu, now teaming up with DJ Amz comes 'Dil Vich', a BUY or FREE-DOWN track!

Watch the Behind of scene below, the track is due to be released later this month.


Both coming from south east London, The talented eclectic young duo brings together a diverse range of influences and a distinct passion for music which is second to none. In an era when differentiating yourself from others is becoming harder than ever, Arminder Nahal and DJ Amz are in the unique category of artists who have spent years learning their musical trade, both classically and in studio. They plan to gradually introduce themselves to the Bhangra scene with a number of singles released throughout the year, each single demonstrates creativity and quality they possess.

For the first time ever the duo are set to release the single on iTunes AND Soundcloud, the reason behind this is if someone can not afford 79p to download the song legally from iTunes, they can download it for free from sound cloud, this is their way of trying to kill piracy and stop people downloading music of illegal websites. instead they have offered the song to the public for free. if people would like to support them they can download off iTunes but if not SoundCloud it is!

Dil Vich (feat. Arminder Nahal & DJ Amz) - Single - Lucky Sidhu

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