Geeta Zaildar - Heartbeat 2 (Out Now)

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'Heartbeat 2' is the brand new album by singing sensation Geeta Zaildar! The album has been produced by Aman Hayer & Prabh Near and is set to release 27th December via iTunes and other digital stores.


1     Fitt Suit Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer   
2     Roula Pa Dena Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer    
3     Nain Marde Lishkan Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer    
4     Single (feat. Blitz) Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer    
5     White Suit 2 Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer    
6     Bappu Ji Geeta Zaildar & Aman Hayer    
7     Mukh Na Modin Geeta Zaildar & Prabh Near    
8     Nain Marde Lishkan (Remix) Geeta Zaildar & Prabh Near


<Heartbeat 2 - Geeta Zaildar


pop star
-2 #5 pop star 2013-01-01 13:14
cant sing 0/10
Raji Gill
+9 #4 Raji Gill 2012-12-28 18:34
Took a chance on this album,knowing that it was going to have great vocals from geeta zaildar.The music by aman hayer is yawn the same old same old,also the lyrics are boring in my view.the album is a let-down for geeta's fans.....
+8 #3 Mandizzle 2012-12-23 02:03
what kind of retarded video is that, like we don't know how to read! Learn from Manmohan Waris! If you gonna put out a teaser include the actual music, not some stupid text saying its coming out soon, come on do we look stupid! SMH to who ever produced the video!
+20 #2 B4ULife 2012-12-22 06:35
Question is if it's worth it since Aman produced it. You most likely heard all the shit before.
+4 #1 #Bhangra 2012-12-21 22:35
This has come out of NOWHERE!

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