Manmohan Waris - Tera Ishq (Out Now)

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'Tera Ishq' is the brand new single by Manmohan Waris, set to release 22nd December on iTunes. The single has been produced by brother Sangtar.

The trio of brothers recently successfully completed a UK tour, which also included Manmohan Waris performing at the Brit Asia Awards 2012 & appearing on the Kuldeep Manak tribute 'The Folk King'

What do you think of the promo?

Tera Ishq - Single - Manmohan Waris


0 #1 Weeman 2012-12-21 10:26
First of all i would give them for 10/10 for honoring the WORD promo!!! Yes this is called a promo and not any cinematic trailer for a music video.

But the music itself and the song, well i heard Manmohan Waris do a lot better. But still, respect for his word and Sangtars music :-)

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