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Juggy D - Punjabi Rockstar (Out Now)

The highly anticipated second solo album by Juggy D is here titled 'Punjabi Rockstar'.  The album is due to be released on the Moviebox label on the 20th December!  Check out the promos here!


The Album Features Production By Rishi Rich, Tigerstyle, DJ Dips, VdoubleE, Mentor Beats, Taj-E & DJ Pinks. The Album Includes 11 Songs.

Track Listing

1.  Tikana - Juggy D, VDoubleE         
2.  Punjabi Rockstar - Juggy D, Mentor Beats         
3.  Nach Le Nee - Juggy D, DJ Dips        
4.  Yadaan - Juggy D, Mentor Beats        
5.  Mele Vich Dhol Vajda - Juggy D, Tigerstyle    
6.  Okhe Pound - Juggy D, The Truth, Mentor Beats         
7.  Mithey Ganey - Juggy D, Tigerstyle    
8.  Akhan Sharabi - Juggy D, Mentor Beats    
9.  Sohniyeh - Juggy D, Miss Pooja, BEE2, Taj-E        
10. Tikana (Remix) - Juggy D, Rishi Rich    
11. Okhe Pound (Remix) - Juggy D, The Truth, AKV, DJ Pinks

If the upcoming album is even half as solid as his debut, would it warrant another five-year break for Juggy D? What are your thoughts on this?