Lil Amit feat. Ashok Gill - Shingar (Out Now)

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Apart form spinning his own tracks like ‘Ek Hor’ at major functions right across the world with his Divine Musiq roadshow, Beatcircle’s freshest DJ is set to make even more noise with his next single ‘Shingar’.


Featuring the powerful vocal talent of Ashok Gill along with Suni Nox (D-Sarb ‘Vang Nachdi’) on co-production, busy DJ/Music Producer Lil Amit is about to offer a break down on his version for female adoration when boy truly chases girl. With a weighted sub drop throughout the track ready to catapult serious vibrations right through EVERY dancefloor speaker, Shingar ignites pure adrenaline back into UK Bhangra

The music video will also make a difference to your usual Bhangra video, this time shot by Best Of British Music Video Award Winner, Luke Biggins from ‘Jacuzzi films’ whose client list includes Enrique Iglesias, Ludacris, The Wanted and JLS. Filmed at the massive 10,000 sq ft studio in West London, Shingar aims to visually capture and captivate a new legion of Bhangra Music video fans. Time to awaken the inner Shingar


0 #2 Fakeass 2012-12-11 15:06
Get a grip ya fakeasses good for nothing wannabes
0 #1 Mitra_di 2012-12-11 12:52
Deffo feeling this one!

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