Gary Dhaliwal - Baapu (Out Now)

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Introducing, Gary Dhaliwal with his debut single “Bappu” produced by Sunny G. Gary Dhaliwal, born and raised in Punjab, Ferozpur came to the UK 3 years ago to complete higher education. It was his friends in England that pushed him in to participating in Brit Asia Superstar 2010, where he reached the finals.

Two years on he is ready to step foot in to the music industry with a single that reflect not only his journey from Punjab to UK but any other that migrated out of India. BAPPU written by Gora Sidhu is a song that sums up the thousands of boys that leave Punjab with a dream in their eye and how their family think he is living like a king. The reality is shown in the music video which many people will understand.

The song is produced by the talented Sunny G born in India and raised in UK. He released his debut EP in February 2012 “ Getting Started” and “Driver” with ROB- E. Sunny qualified from the London Collage of Music after switching from his Business Degree. His musical influences vary from The Beatles, Tigerstyle to AR Rehman.

“I hope people like and enjoy Bappu, it’s not your conventional Bhangra song but has a very Desi element to it. The song reflects Gary’s voice and style” Sunny G

BAPPU will release on 12.12.12 available on Itunes, Google and Spotify

Baapu - Single - Gary Dhaliwal


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