Jas & Parv - Acoustic (Out Now)

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Jas & Parv make their debut with their first album entitled ACOUSTIC featuring an array of top class vocalists such as Nirmal Sidhu, Miss Pooja, Jaswinder Daghamia, Jelly Manjitpuri, Ashok Gill & many more…

Jas & Parv have worked behind the scenes in the Asian music circuit for quite some years, slowly learning and crafting their skills and ideas into physical manifestations.

ACOUSTIC houses a set of traditional dance floor Bhangra bangers… as well as some unique sounds in order to display the versatility of their talent.

The album launches with the eagerly anticipated MOTORCYCLE, featuring Miss Pooja & Nirmal Sidhu. Motorcycle keeps a traditional element of up-tempo dance floor Bhangra with live instrumentation at its finest…with live Tumbi, Mandolins, Harmonium, and an explosive set of full body percussion by the legendary Sunil Kalyan.

The Motorcycle video also intends to portray a slightly different style of a performance video, showcasing the best of two sets of locations, a plush, VIP exclusive lounge environment, to a rugged, urban, outdoor location filled with some of the worlds finest Superbikes!

Acoustic has a lot to offer on the whole, as an album, every track has been developed to be something that can be played over and over in any environment. From mellow sounds, smooth R&B vibes, to dance floor Bhangra, the album has it all… a start, a beginning, and a stepping-stone to showcase what is to come in the very near future from the Jas & Parv camp!

ACOUSTIC features an array of top class vocalists such as Nirmal Sidhu, Miss Pooja, Jaswinder Daghamia, Jelly Manjitpuri, Ashok Gill & many more…


1. Motorcycle - Miss Pooja / Nirmal Sidhu

2. Nachna - Jas Marway

3. Angreji Daru - Ashok Gill

4. Jee Ni Soniye - Ashok Gill

5. Lado - Jaswinder Dhagamia

6. Jind - Deep Mehmi

7. Nach Goriye - Jelly Manjitpuri

8. Naseeb - Gurpreet Gopi

9. Jee Ni Soniye (Remix ft. Cheshire Cat)- Ashok Gill / Cheshire Cat

10. Nachna (Instrumental)

All tracks composed, arranged, and produced by Jas & Parv at Intensity Studios London.

All tracks mixed and mastered by Mauro (High Street Studios) & Jeeti Singh (Late Night Studios)

Percussion by Sunil Kalyan, Juggy Reehal, Guitar's by Amit Meyon, Keys by Parv Marway, Hinal Pattani, Jeeti Singh, Harmonium, Mandolin, Tumbi, and Flutes by Jas Marway & Rohit Kumar.

Acoustic - Jas & Parv


+4 #1 thetruth.ish 2013-01-31 02:22
What are Jas&Parv are doing in this video, should have left it to the actual singers to sing rather than miming.
Must have been a low budget music video to walk into the club with a photographer, 2 bodyguards and an EMPTY CLUB! Let me guess, the people in this video are family/friends?
I counted 10/12 times seeing both your faces each in over 1 min, are you that vein? YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING IN THE VID!! Jas looks like a crack head, eyes sunk into the back of his head..too much sniff in your high days?(2mins 5secs).
Song bout motorcycles and theres a few parked up,should have had them doing burnouts or SOMETHING!! No creativity in this video, you got conned mate. As for the song musically, its terrible.
Sounds like the rest of the ish that is being released.
Won't be buying this album as this is probably the only good track on there, which is weak at best! Heard both these guys back when they had Intensity Roadshow. Shit djs,Jas cant mc, Parv cant dj, just give it up!


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