Hargo Boparai & Hari B ft Surinder Shinda - Gabaroo America Waleh (Out Now)

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The Legend Surinder Shinda is back with the track "Gabaroo America Waleh" by California, USA based Hargo Boparai & Hari-B & written by Sati Chohan.

The track is intended to highlight the style, life and pride of American desis from California, to New York, to Chicago, to Texas.

With the inception of the song in late 2010, the song evolved lyrically and musically into a heavy bass, hip hop influenced bhangra track that captures traditional folks sounds yet has a heavy western feeling.

Hari-B is based out of California, USA has released songs such as "Tere Bajo" & "Aaja Billo" featuring Jasbir Thabal. Most recently, Hari-B had songs that were on Kalikwest Connected Vol.1 featuring Sukhdev Sukha & Sukhwinder Paanchi. Hari has upcoming projects with Manjit Pappu & many more!

Hargo Boparai also based out of California, USA, has been a pioneer in the bhangra scene in the United States.He was the first to release an original album "Bhangrafornia" in 2011. Most recently Hargo released a electro inspired bhangra single called "Taur" featuring Jaggi Singh & Arpan which had worldwide success (released by Solider Sound Recordings). Hargo has future projects featuring artists such as Billa Bakshi, Pappi Gill, Manjit Sahira & more!

We invite you the enjoy The American Anthem - "Gabaroo America Waleh" - coming on Friday, December 14th on I-Tunes & all other major digital distributors.


Gabaroo America Waleh (feat. Surinder Shinda) - Single - Hargo Boparai & Hari-B