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Desi Dark Child - GT Road ft. Late Kuldeep Manak (Out Now)

DDC records are announcing the release of the single “GT rd” ft. Late Kuldeep Manak Ji due to be released towards end of November 2012, Music by DESI DARK CHILD.


The Legend Kuldeep Manak Ji also known as ‘Kalion Da Baadshah’, sadly passed away on 30th November 2011 born in 1952. With countless number of hits to his name, over the years there have been many songs from the legend that have influenced the lives of many people. The song “GT Road” was originated from the Film “Lumbar Darni” and was named  “Yaaran Da Truck” back in the late 70’s.

Since the death of Manak Ji, many artists have done tributes in his name however they end up putting their own style into the songs which can take away the originality and USP’s that Manak Ji brought to the industry. This time, DDC Records are wanting to bring back the original old skool flavour nevertheless keeping a modern twist; a tribute for the legendary singer whose vocals had been recorded exclusively at the Coffin Studio’s, UK.

Statement from DDC

“It is an honour and a blessing to express my music using the vocals of the legendary Kuldeep Manak Ji. Many of you may not know that not only am I a fan of his work, but I have also played the Dholak for him back in the 80’s /90’s at numerous shows. It was a great shock to us all baring the news that Manak Ji had left us so suddenly, no doubt he will live on through his music for generations to come”.

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