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Iffi-K - Maawan (Out Now)

A.K Records/JKD Productions proudly presents 'Maawan' by Iffi-K, check out the full video here!


Irfan Khan, also known as Iffi-K, is a unique singer who has constantly tried to bring a diverse and versatile range of music and lyrics to the music industry.

Iffi-K is proud to announce the release of his new heart touching single 'Maawan'. This song brings the realisation of the value of a mother within ones life. This song talks about how a mother raises her children from birth to turning them into successful individuals by loving them, caring for them, shielding them from the worst the world has to give to having her prayers for her children accepted by God. It touches on a point that if an individual does not have the presence of their mother in their life, how much they would miss the happiness of their mother upon success, how their heart and eyes would search for their mother at all times. The music for this single has been produced by JKD Productions and Video Production and Direction by Yasir Akhtar/Pegasus Productions.

Iffi-K has previously released a worldwide charity single called 'Allah Reham Karde' (2011) for Pakistan which is a multi-award winning release. Iffi-K has also released 'Sohniye Teri Surat' featuring Hunterz (2007) and 'Munde tere utte marde' from the album Rhythm On Fire (2010).