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D-Sarb - Charkey (Out Now)


It’s been a busy summer of shows and festivals for D-Sarb and his live band, which included the BBC London Mela main stage and ‘Under The Stars’ in Newham, which is why the timing for his new release sits perfectly alongside his forever growing portfolio of Bhangra hits.

Apart from being Nominated as ‘Best Newcomer’ for this year’s Britasia Music Awards, D-Sarb has been film-ing the official ‘Charkey’ music video which includes cameo’s from Jeeti, D-Boy and Suni Nox. Filmed around his hometown of Oxford, the video is a vi-brant cluster of different locations from his beloved town.

Produced by the untouchable Jeeti, this collaboration was recorded early this year at Jeeti’s Late Night Studios in Birmingham. The impact of the song was immediate and the record label Beatcircle decided for it to be D-Sarb’s next single.  It’s a song about everyone getting together and cherishing the moment like it’s one big party, a D-Sarb party ‘Charkey’ Style

Charkey (feat. Jeeti) - Single - D-Sarb