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Jind Mahi - Saday Naal (Out Now)

Bhangra Newcomer Jind Mahi Set To Rule The Urban-Asian Music Scene With Debut Saday Naal – Releasing on iTunes on 4th October 2012

Asian-Urban artist Jind Mahi is the latest musical sensation to be signed to the Three Records label, which was established by the international, superstar music producers and brothers RDB. The young and talented Jind will make his debut with the emotional Punjabi love song Saday Naal, which has been inspired by modern day experiences.

Billed as one of UK Asian music’s brightest emerging talents, Jind is an all-round musician who composes, produces, writes, sings and plays instruments, a feat he has accomplished perfectly with his eclectic debut album Like Father Like Son, which is a collaboration with his father and musical inspiration Binder Pasla.

Earlier this year, Jind released a sample track entitled Yaad Kari to wide acclaim. The album Like Father Like Son has also produced hit songs, including the previous hit English Daru by Binder Pasla. There are two more track releases planned from the album before its release in early 2013.

The mellow, acoustic track Saday Naal, which was co-written by Jind’s father Binder, is his debut song to be released from the album and is a powerful ballad driven by a strong Bhangra beat. Lyrically, Saday Naal is a traditional Punjabi song inspired by the frustration of being treated badly in a rollercoaster relationship and longing to resolve the problems whilst being haunted by the memories. To enhance the song’s musical impact, Jind used a blend of acoustic instruments along with electronic synths and a range of up-tempo and low-tempo rifts to add effect – a technique rarely seen in modern Asian-Urban music. The track is complemented with a striking video, which highlights the emotional journey experienced by the protagonists.

Speaking about the track and the thought process behind it, Jind says: “From time to time, we find ourselves in situations where we're willing to do anything to make a relationship work. But without the full support of our partner, ultimately we're fighting a losing battle. I made this song for the fighters like me who give their all for what they love."

Saday Naal - Single - Jind Mahi