Amrit Saab - Naag (Out Now)

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After the huge success of ‘THEKA’ the prince of Punjab Amrit Saab is back with his brand new single ‘NAAG’.

Since releasing ‘Theka’ Amrit Saab has been touring Europe and Asia with his new sound, ‘Naag’ is just another dose of the new sound and vibe Amrit Saab is bringing on his forthcoming album ‘Khatra’.

‘This is one of my favourite tracks from my forthcoming album ‘Katra’. Whenever i perform ‘Naag’ live the energy and the positive feedback I get from the crowd is amazing. It was great pleasure in working with a true great and good friend ‘Kam Frantic’, the vibe in the studio was great and it shows in the end product’

The video has been shot by Manish Sharma and rather than sticking to conventional methods Amrit Saab has tried to push the boundaries and create a video which stands out and is enjoyable to all his fans. The idea for the video came about while on set of Amrit Saab’s brand new movie ‘London Di Heer’, after discussing the idea with his manger Mundip they knew they were on to a winner.

Amrit Saab – Naag releases on Thursday 27th September on iTunes


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+1 #1 pop star 2012-09-19 14:55
amrit saab AKA: Lycaon pictus!!!

this and hos last track is a disgrace!


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