Randy J – Notorious (Out Now)

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Following the unprecedented success of his debut single “Notorious Jatt” and 2nd and 3rd singles “Chori Chori” and “Rattan Nu”, Hi Tech Music are proud to present Randy J’s debut album “Notorious!”

Notorious - Randy J


“Notorious” is an 11 track album, featuring a variety of rhythms, beats and lyrics. The album features a variety a songs from some of the most established singers in the bhangra industry today including the legendary Surinder Shinda, Angrej Ali, the Late Kaka Bhainawala and more. Also the album introduces up and coming vocalists Deep Jandu, Saini Surinder and H Sandhu the man behind the hit “Notorious Jatt 2.”

The title track of the album “Notorious Jatt” was released in May of 2011 and received a phenomenal response worldwide with it receiving close to 1 million hits on YouTube alone! “Notorious Jatt” cemented Randy J as one of Bhangra’s music most promising up-coming producers with a growing fan base to go with. With the additional release of 2 more singles from the album “Rattan Nu” featuring Parm B & Al Beeno and “Chori Chori” featuring Deep Jandu, has sparked an incredible amount of hype from fans and media for the release of the album “Notorious.”

The album “Notorious” will be released worldwide on Hi Tech Music alongside the highly anticipated track and video “Jadon Tera Lakk Hilda” featuring the powerful vocals of Saini Surinder and video by Surinder Birdi of Divine Film Studios!

Track listing:

Track 1: Anakhi Jatt Intro – Angrej Ali (Mintu)

Track 2: Anakhi Jatt – Angrej Ali Ft Mc JD (Mintu)

Track 3: Rattan Nu – Parm B Ft Al-Beeno (Kevin Brar/Gurdeep Ropar/Randy J)

Track 4: Jaan – H Sandhu (Amrit Sandhu)

Track 5: Jadon Tera Lakh Hilda – Saini Surinder (Jassi Singh)

Track 6: Jatt- Late Kaka Bhainawala (Jasvir)

Track 7: Yaaran Naal – H Sandhu (Amrit Sandhu)

Track 8: Jeona Morh – Surinder Shinda (Dev Tharikewala)

Track 9: Nachdi – Late Tejinder Singh Ft Mc JD (Raj Kakra)

Track 10: Chori Chori – Deep Jandu Ft Randy J (Gurdeep Ropar)

Track 11: Notorious Jatt – P. Gill (Maninder Kailey)



Pop  Star
-4 #9 Pop Star 2013-02-08 18:39
Album was disappointing.
+2 #8 Realist. 2013-02-08 16:40
Full respect to this guy for mentioning the lyricist under every song in the promo!
+3 #7 Observer 2013-02-08 15:47
Good News:

Overall a good albumn. The slow songs in particular. Song 6 Jatt is brilliant and great lyrics.

Bad News:

Song 2 has some crap lyrics. Most Jatts from my community maybe good at heart but they certainly ain't Sardars. It's like sayin all Saini's, and Tarkhans are Sardars. Just plain stooopid.

Overall must buy for DJ's.
-2 #6 0000 2012-12-21 15:52
brilliant album, this shows when a producer puts 100% effort in to the album the end is result is brilliant
Jatt da putt
+8 #5 Jatt da putt 2012-12-09 16:24
Heard the promos. 2 sick ass songs. Rest r just fillers...
+5 #4 zozp 2012-12-09 13:35
Looking forward To The Kaka Bhaniawala Track.....
Jatt mirza
+15 #3 Jatt mirza 2012-09-17 13:58
Good lineup!!!!

Pointless promo
bhangra fan #1
+7 #2 bhangra fan #1 2012-09-16 21:06
dangerous line up by Randy J!
+4 #1 Willis 2012-09-16 18:37
The promos getting worse day by day!

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