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DDS feat Des-C - DJ Utho! (Khichkeh Speaker) (Out Now)


DDS has been quieter than most up to this point by his own admission, he has been busy 'perfecting the beat'. Following the monumental success of 2010's "Ik Jindree" he has put various ideas under the microscope, searching for the best way to manipulate the character of the sound to create something new and exhilarating. Ladies and Gentlemen; We proudly present to you 'DJ Utho! (Khichkeh Speaker)'


The Sarangi whines, the mandolin strums and the percussion smashes through the sound barrier. The latest musical masterpiece to arrive out of the DDS mix factory is ready to rock dance floors all over the globe.

DJ Utho (Khichkeh Speaker), brings the instruments to life with its upbeat and exciting juxtaposition of traditional dhol driven beats over a contemporary bass hook. In addition the string arrangement has a resonating voice of its own.

Lyrically, DJ Utho is a dynamic track which addresses the tongue in cheek issue of wedding DJ's being tipped' in the traditional Panjabi fashion, before being asked (often forced, in real life) to raise up the volume, to breaking point!

DJ Utho has been created to inflame the senses, make you dance until your feet hurt, and usher in a new era of masterful music.

DJ Utho (Khichkeh Speaker) is the 2nd Single of the long awaited album by DDS, 'Perfect the Beat'.

DDS feat Des-C - DJ Utho! (Khichkeh Speaker) Promo by SimplyBhangra Music