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Mehi - eXposed (Out Now)


eXposed is a first of its kind release that features a massive seventeen song collection, consisting of slow to heavy dance style Electronica and acoustic themes with vocals that touch the emotions of the listener directly.

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As a Punjabi vocalist based in the UK, Mehi has worked with carefully selected musicians and artists from around the globe to put this album together, each one of them having their own feel and thought to share which will take you on a journey of your own.


The album has been influenced by poets and writers, who shared knowledge and inspiration from books and legends such as Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, which lead to a few songs on this album written Like Charkha, Din Ratin, Dil.

After the huge success of the summer anthem “Point Of Xstaci” Mehi has now produced, written and composed “eXposed” as his first independent project where he was able to utilize complete creative freedom. The concept was to think outside of the box, and bring a fresh perspective to the music scene while keeping familiarity to today’s hits.

“It will take a life time just to understand my art as yet this is only the beginning of me being “eXposed” . - Mehi

eXposed is available via all major online digital retailers.

Exposed - Mehi