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Mehi - Gift

A gift for his listeners, the new 8 track Album titled GIFT by Mehi out now!

Music is something that transcends across borders, language and cultural barriers. Such artistes who cannot be boxed in or typecast. Ones that truly understand and believe in the essence of music are rare and few. However, these individuals are usually underrated due to there unorthodox mindset. Only a listener with the same frequency and mentality will be able to appreciate the unique musical creativity.

One of the few that is no stranger to the Music scene is MEHI from London; the perfect hybrid of Classical, Desi and Western elements in both his character and sound.

Choosing an independent path he is now working alongside G Soni with GHRU MUSIC, allowing him to reach and experiment deep into the realm of his vocal abilities, spiritual connection to sound & functions, and broaden his vision.

MEHI is a natural born vocalist and performer. Nonetheless, he is also a talented musician, composer and lyricist.

A gift for his listeners, the new 8 track Album titled GIFT with the following 8 full-length songs:

1. Intro

2. Jaan Kad da

3. Kharcha

4. Gift

5. Sadke java

6. Mashook

7. Ajja Ajja

8. Mazaak

MEHI has put together something unique for each listener to relish and vibe to. This album is a true fusion between East and West.

Whether you're going for a drive with your Bae, partying intimately with your friends and family, or simply having some You time in your room.

Simply tune into Spotify, Hungama or Napster and listen to this new pinnacle of Punjabi songs.

Being thankful and humbled with the experience he has gained over the years, MEHI's new projects and songs will aim to incorporate different genres and artist's seamlessly from folk style to electronica, hip-hop, RnB and Pop soundscapes to represent all components of his experience and reach out to a wider audience.

MEHI is thankful for all the love and support so far in his career and hopes that his listeners will continue to enjoy and support his new upcoming projects and future endeavours.

This is only the beginning for GHRU Music.

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