Catching Up with Manmeet Singh

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Manmeet Singh

We recently caught up with Manmeet Singh, an Actor / Model from Bollywood. He is the only Sikh model who has Modeled in more than 100 Tv. Ads. / commercials.

Tell us about yourself?

Was born in July 1969 in Haldawani, Nainital. Son of Late S. Ajit Singh Sawhney who was an Amritdhari Sikh and with his blessings and Guru's Grace I got Khande di Pahul when I was in college in 1988.

I did my gradution {} from G.N. Khalsa College Bombay in the year 1991.

While I was at the Guru Nanak Public school Chandigarh, I got the interest of singing and acting in my tenth in the year 1985-86. Being a big fan of Gurdass Maan and always loved watching movies of Sanjeev Kumar, Mehmood, I S Johar pushed me to look further into this.


Coke with GURDAAS maan

You have a very successful career in the Movies, tell us more.

My First movie was called JUNGLE which was by Ramgopal Varma.  I have acted in over 15 movies  and have been highly appreciated for characters played in films such as:

"Rab Nay Bana Di Jodi" - { Raju Garage Owner},

 "Bombay To Bangkok" - { Thai Sardarji named 'Rash'},

 "Swami" - {Character named 'Manjeet'},

"Abhiyum Naanum" -  {Character VIRJI}

and many more.

Apart from the Movies, you have appeared in many ads ..

I have modeled in more than 100 TV. commercials and the most famous one's being INDIABULLS, HP Turbojet Diesel, and Make my in USA.

My latest will be on the wrapper of a soap for North specially targeted for Sikh community and will be the brand ambassador for all such  products like hair Gel etc. The soap may be named as WAAL a product of Ipsa labs. pvt. ltd. [makers of Eraser cream]


What else are you working on now?

Presently shooting 3 movies - Viphul Shah's, Zara Jee K Dikha, Rhombus Films' KALPVRISKH By Manika Sharma , and one more with director Mahesh Nair.

Click Here To Watch My Videos At Youtube

Thank you for all what you are doing help promote and support people out there and all your readers for supporting my through my movies, ads and tv shows.

Manmeet Singh




+2 #2 Guest 2009-05-17 16:17
he is a funny guy, like his parts
+2 #1 reena 2009-05-17 12:47
raju garage wala made my day - nice one, look forward to seeing him more - no punjabi movies?

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