Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran Khan

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Imran Khan, we have all heard about him and his very successful track Ni Nachleh.  We caught up with him to bring you this exclusive 'Take 5' - questions to get to know whats he has been up to and working on currently.

For starters, tell our readers a little about yourself, your background and what you're all about.

Salaam,Namaste,sat sri akal,Hi Reader's I would like to introduce  myself as Imran Khan, I am a 23yr old punjabi singer from Holland,My passion of singing at the age of 12 with me always listening to punjabi music, never stopped and hoping that 1 day people will listen to what I have to give to the Asian Music Scene.I never gave up my  dream and believed that everyone has a gift from god and you should never give up, keep going until you achieve it.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

My Aspiration's for the future include, longterm recognition for asian  music in the mainstream music industry, also oneday for their to be  unity amoung the great nations and if the only way to unite the people  is through music then that is what i want to do.

What has been the highlight of your life so far?

The people in the uk and across the globe are feeling my music and respect it,I want to motivate the struggling artist and show them that you can achieve your goal, all it takes is hard work and passion and the right backing.

Ni Nachleh was picked up as the Biggest Track on a UK radio.  What was your reaction to this?

Excellent.fantastic big respect to all the UK asian people.

What would you do on an ideal date?

Hmmmm,Tough question can I say no comment,but really I'm a romantic so I would expect the girl to be the same.

Who would you say your music targets the most, teens or adults?

I would label my music as versatile, in that it would appeal to all  generations and on a positive note i would say mainly Teens and little  children because they are the future.

Do you prefer being in the studio or performing live?

Both,as in the studio i am doing what i enjoy best and as for live  performance i get to interact with the audience.

Your new upcoming album which is coming out Mid October, tell us more about that.

If you like the track Ni nahcleh and the mixes, you will 100% love the album title(unforgettable)track listing 15 excluding the track Ni Nachleh,all different kinds of flaviours some interesting features including lucky and 2 more surprises.

What inspired you to get involved into the ‘Bhangra Scene’?

The mistakes of some artist in the punjabi industry.i.e the quality of videos,the same sound over and over. Albums coming out only featuring 8 tracks and not more. I thought that maybe I can contribute and help the industry to grow much bigger.As a punjabi I want to see it grow
and not fail,so as  artist's we must deliver different sound.  

You write your own lyrics, produce and sings as well.  This is not the 'norm', why have you chosen to do this?

We complain all the time of ghost production and I thought If I write myself I am my own boss, I dont need people to write for me,I know its hard but you see the result on the first single and expect a lot more from the album and "i will deliver" .I co-produce and  produced 1 of the tracks
from the album, but have to give credit to my producer eren e, a great young talented  person from turkey, who in his own time studied the great art of  bhangra.

Your musical preference are varied from Punjabi, R'n'B, HipHop, Reggae, Drum N Bass, Garage, 2 step, Reggeaton, Pop, Dance, Techno and House.  Do you feel that this helps with your music and production?

Yes as to create great music, there is a "need" to be versatile and  appreciate all types of music.  


Snooker and basketball.

What was your big achievement in life?

Coming in the asian music scene as a new artist and achieving so  much in so Little time also getting such great positive feedback and still growing as an artist. Having had the  opportunity to work along side the greatest artists in the industry,  who have by far much more experience in live performances and so yes  it a great honour.

Has fame changed you private life?

I dont really see myself as being famous, i am just me, some one  who ejoys making music.

How would you like to be remembered?

As a good hearted person.

Finally a word to all our SimplyBhangra Users.

I just want to say an overall Thank You for the support and plz  support us, the artists, by buying the album/single. (Peace,love and  respect).Illegal downloanding/piracy effects me in the sense of making  more music for you the audience.


0 #125 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran Khandeepak299 2011-06-10 06:48
damn... u r the best ever in my life
please make more songs.all the best
+3 #124 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran Khandhivyani 2011-03-20 15:06
you are very hot imran ;-)
+2 #123 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran Khançk 2011-03-16 09:33
The rise and fall from the abuse of fame - enough said.
+2 #122 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran KhanBENAZIR FATMA 2010-08-13 19:25
i luv his woofer tu meri main tera amplifier...u rock immi...aftr bohemia he z my 2nd fav punjabi singer...u rock immi\m/..gud going\m/
+1 #121 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran Khanpaki-rani 2010-06-23 16:21
imran khan u are just the best gud luck 4 future
+4 #120 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran Khanmomina 2010-01-15 19:29
imran khan is the best 4 lyf
iqra . k
0 #119 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran Khaniqra . k 2009-12-09 18:02
;-) also wanna say dat cm 2 nottingham pleazzzzzz!xxxx xlv u ;-)
iqra . k
+4 #118 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran Khaniqra . k 2009-12-09 17:58
:-) hiya imran u r awsome ;-) ur songs r da best! especialy bewafaa! keep it up ! xxxlv u
Kiren Khan
+3 #117 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran KhanKiren Khan 2009-12-01 14:50
ii Love Yuuh Imran Khann X x ;-)
+2 #116 Desi GIRL 2009-11-03 14:52
hey u r totally da bst man i luv uuuuuuuu
Afsana begum
+1 #115 Afsana begum 2009-11-03 14:48
imran khan u 2 [censored]g man i luv uuuuuuuuuu
ur songs r mind blowing ,da song bewafaa
is so touching n amplifier is jst 2 sickkkkk . ur da bst kep it up
rizwana !
-2 #114 RE: Exclusive 'Take 5' with Imran Khanrizwana ! 2009-10-25 03:50

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