Exclusive Interview with B Projekt

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renowned DJ and music producer B Projekt has been dominating the club scene across Mumbai for years, 2009 saw him launch his debut album 'Blindfolded' featuring UK Star Juggy D. caught up with B Projekt in Mumbai to talk about his new album.

The album "Blindfolded" has been receiving plenty of coverage in the media especially the track "Ni Sohniye" which is being played on music channels and the fans are loving it. How did Juggy get involved with the track?

B Projekt: I was in the studio in London and looking for a punjabi vocalist for "Ni Sohniye", someone with a westernized voice and not a theth punjabi singer or a folk vocalist. The whole song and melody were ready when Juggy came by and we recorded the track right away. The last verse of the song were written by Juggy and myself there and then.

What is the reason behind naming your album as "Blindfolded" ?

B Projekt: The album relates to my journey as a DJ to a Producer of original punjabi tracks. Every track unfolds into a production track and the hindi remix rounding up the album.

When did you feel that you should produce your own album considering that you are already a popular and successful DJ?

B Projekt: It was early last year when i felt that i need to do more than just DJing. I felt that i should not be just making playlists rather making my own music too. I had done my music production course from London. Apart from that the concept of a DJ/producer was new in India. All these factors prompted me to turn producer.

How did your background as a DJ help you in making the album?

B Projekt: Being a DJ definately helped because as a producer i need to make the music that people like and not make music that just sounds good in the studio. When people like a particular track, i know that they will also like another track in the similar genre.

he songs on your album have a "pop" feel to them. Is that how you planned out the album?

B Projekt: I wanted simple lyrics, simple punjabi for the songs on the album so that they can appeal to everyone. This being the first punjabi album coming out from mumbai i wanted my audience here to understand the music and like it.

With the album already released in India, the UK release has been pushed back to Nov 20. What was the reason for that?

B Projekt: Once you release the album in India you cannot go to the UK straight away as there are media commitments here for the next few weeks as well as bookings to take care of. Plus we also need to match the dates with the artists, media, press when the album is released in the UK. We had planned for a Nov 6 release but now it will be out on Nov 20.

What about a North American release for the album?

B Projekt: North America is already on the map through the label Universal Music Group. The album is also available for download on iTunes. We have US rapper Raja Wilco on the tracks and also G-Deep from NY lending his vocals on the album. We should also be coming down soon to NY for a performance.

Any more videos being planned besides "Ni Sohniye" which is getting plenty of airplay on music channels?

B Projekt: Yes. Infact we will have 2 more videos in the coming months. The response for Ni Sohniye prompted us to think about these videos but first let people get used to watching Ni Sohniye.

As a DJ/Producer which other producers' work do you like?

B Projekt: As a DJ you tend to have music from so many artists, DJs. But i really like the work of Timbaland, Kanye West, Dr Dre, AR Rahman.

Have you started planning for your second album?

B Projekt: Indeed. Infact i made a track after i completed this album and have decided to keep that as the first track for my next album.

Having the remix of "Aye mere humsafar" on the album is intriguing. Could you tell us how did that come about?

B Projekt: The concept of "Aye mere humsafar" was 2 years back when i made the track. Having the hindi remixes on the album was totally random and was a personal wish since i have been a DJ and wanted to showcase my work to the audience.

Do you think that you have set a new trend in the country as a DJ/producer?

B Projekt: It is definately a new trend in the country and i would love to spread the concept to other DJs. Outside India people are aware of the concept but in India people tend to feel that a DJ can only make remixes.

How has the response to the album been so far from the fans?

B Projekt: Response has been really good. We have done gigs in Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh - both clubs and radio shows and people are definately feeling the tracks.

Q) Any vocalist whom you would really like to work with?

B Projekt: I would love to do a punjabi track with the legendary Malkit Singh Ji. Besides i would also love to work with Jay Sean as the mumbai audience is used to westernized vocals.

Any other venture that you are involved with?

B Projekt: I have started my own Artist Management Co. called "10Productions". We basically provide all the resources for talented artists. I also have a company "Plan B" which manages Nightclubs in mumbai. The information on both of them is available on my website

Thanks a lot for your time. Any last message to the readers of

B Projekt: Please buy original CDs and say NO to piracy. I know a lot of artists have said this already and would like to reiterate that fact. It takes a lot of effort and time to make an album. If you like it then please buy it, especially "Blindfolded".

'Blindfolded' is out now in India and will be releasing November 20th in the UK.


singh jasvir
-1 #4 RE: Exclusive Interview with B Projektsingh jasvir 2009-11-09 10:38
kajla here i love b projekt music its a amazing album that i love so much speacially song of master rakesh that is club tere naal nachda and jaggy d ni sohniye
-1 #3 RE: Exclusive Interview with B Projektroops 2009-11-04 10:52
listened to album, has some really good tracks
-1 #2 RE: Exclusive Interview with B Projektashwin_Mauryya 2009-11-03 05:39
he is definitely talented herd the album on pz10 the juggy d song is nice along with blindfolded, pyar kahani, and vich gidde de
neha singh
-1 #1 RE: Exclusive Interview with B Projektneha singh 2009-11-01 19:02
i love b-projekts music.!! way to go..
looking foward for more from B.

lots of love

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