Confessions of a Dj .. Dj Biks!

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Welcome to my blog! Here I will cry, scream, laugh, rant, curse my thoughts away, says Dj Biks. Read on what he had to say to us on whats happening and his new blog!!

What has been your best memory working with a celebrity?

My best memory working with a celebrity was when we were on tour in Australia a while back and we were backstage all hanging out with Jay Sean, myself, Sean Paul and Eve and they all broke down in a freestyle session. Jay would beatbox, sean paul would spit a fire reggae verse and eve would make up an addictive hook. Seeing that side of artists and being able to hang out with them is a dream come true!

How did you become Jay Sean's official deejay?

I became Jay Sean's DJ through a mutual friend we have who is also a promoter, and he brought jay to the US for his first tour of North America years ago. we met and it was bromance at first sight LOL

What's it like being on tour with Jay Sean?

It has honestly been a blessing. The experiences of traveling, top notch hotels, hanging with a-list celebrities, rocking stadium shows and performing on TV!! i couldnt ask for anything better!! well maybe Sofia Vagera :)

You have traveled around the world deejaying, what are some of your favorite countries?

AHHHH soo many to name but my top ones are Dubai, Australia, Monaco, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon

Tell us about your upcoming projects?

I have alot original production coming up, am currently working with a few new artists and trying to develop them

You have just come out with a blog, why did you decide to create one?

So the reason that i created this blog site is because i wanted to share with the world my experiences of a traveling DJ. all the backstage madness, drunken nights, naughty afterparties lol..and mainly a glimpse at ME. My thoughts, rants, likes, dislikes... I feel like with this day and age in social media, people feel like they "know" someone just fro viewing there facebook page. but i wanted to step it up a bit a really let the audience get to know the person..the joker that is

What's some advice you would give to young deejay's starting out and all the people reading this?

Learn the basics! Dont just buy software and a laptop and think your ready! Learn the craft!

Good to catch up with SimplyBhangra and you the readers, loads more coming watch this space!

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