The Punjab factor in SINGH IS KINNG!

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"Punjabis are a very dilayre community" - Vipul Shah
Be it NAMASTEY LONDON or the forthcoming SINGH IS KINNG...the incorporation of Punjab seems evident in Vipul Shah's films. And while his latest production is for a universal audience and all communities alike, the emphasis on Punjabi characters, Punjabi lyrics and even a shooting schedule in Punjab cannot be overlooked!


Laughs Vipul, "I am a Gujarati but I think I was a Punjabi in my last birth! On a serious note, I've always been fascinated with North India. As a child my father took us to North India for vacations. So I've seen it extensively and find that culture very captivating. Punjabis are gregarious, hospital and big-hearted people! Everything about them is grand - their fashion, food, music...... And I think that makes for great viewing! Also, both Akshay and I felt that as people tend to make fun of Sardars in their jokes, let's break that impression, and present the real heroism and spirit of Punjab. If you track their history, you'll realise that the Punjabis are a very 'dilayre' community. Singh is Kinng celebrates the spirit and passion of Punjabis in an extremely entertaining manner and within the confines of a big commercial Bollywood extravaganza. It is a film that you can sit back and enjoy!"
He also reveals, "My forthcoming film after Singh Is Kinng will also have a Punjabi flavour in it!"
Singh Is Kinng is out internationally on Thursday August 7 and is an Indian Films - Studio 18 release.