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Debi Makhsoospuri - Sharaab (Video)

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Legendary Writer and Singer Debi Makhsoospuri is Back Once Again With his Latest Video/Song 'SHARAB", Music by Prince Ghuman, watch here!

There is a Social message in this Song and The Lyrics Revolved Around the Story of Sharaab.The Songs Depicts how the Alcohol is Bad for health and How People Lost Everything because of It.

People in Punjab are more Alcoholic and There Life revolves around Sharaab. So We Hope This Song Will Make them Awake and They Will Take Care of their Life in a Good manner.

" Peeni naa Sharaab Tennu aayi peen Waalya ".Its Like Sharaab di kahani, sharaab di Jubaani.
Debi Makhsoospuri is Back With a Song to gave a Social Message to the Community.

Excess Consumption of Alcohol is Injurious to health.So Stop it and Make Your life More Beautiful.

Singer & Lyrics - Debi Makhsoospuri
Music - Prince Ghuman
Label - Goyal Music ( India ) , Music Waves ( Canada )
Video Director - Pessi Parki
Camera - Balvir
Editor - Monty

Do pegg'an tak surgan di lehar haan
Ohde pichon kehar haan main niri zehar haan
Main oh nadi jo kade na sukkdi
Mukk jaande peen wale main na kade mukkdi
Main naa kade kise ne harayi peen waleya
Peeni Na Sharab Tainu Aayo Peen Waleya...

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pop star
0 #2 pop star 2013-01-17 07:59
agree with Bhangra Lover! very good song!
Bhangra Lover
0 #1 Bhangra Lover 2013-01-15 06:56
Only a Legend Can Write and These type of Songs....


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