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Bups Saggu ft. Daljit Mattu - Drama Queen (Full Video)

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After the huge success of 'Punjabi Hurrr' and 'Milky' Bups Saggu is back with brand new single 'Drama Queen' featuring Daljit Mattu! Check out the full video here!

Following the success of former BBC Asian Download Chart toppers “Milky” and “Punjabi Hurrr”, VIP Records is set to release Bups Saggu’s next single entitled “Drama Queen” on the 13th of December, 2012.

“Drama Queen” is the third single from Saggu’s forthcoming album Global, which is scheduled for release in January 2013. “Drama Queen” will be available for purchase from all trusted online retailers on the 13th of December, 2012 with the video releasing shortly after.

“Drama Queen” offers Saggu’s signature creativity; an upbeat musical production, original and catchy lyrics, and an engaging video which showcases Saggu’s commitment to producing a quality and timeless musical experience. “To me, this track is a continuation of ‘Matha Tekhiya’ from my first solo album, Redefined,” explains Saggu, “it’s meant to be taken lightheartedly and depicts some stereotypical, yet exaggerated, scenarios that men may experience in their relationships.”

The track is written by Saggu with contributions from Tari Banwalipuria and features Daljit Mattu on vocals. When asked about the decision to use Mattu, Saggu insists that “Mattu’s voice has a raw, cheeky, and powerful sound which is needed to convey the appropriate attitude of the track and it fits with the playful style of banter that I envisioned for the song.”

The album will feature two versions of this track, one as a straightforward play and the other as an extended edit with skits that set the scene for the upcoming verse. “Drama Queen” guarantees to get both the ladies and gents up on the dance floor with its rhythmic beat and action-fueling lyrics.

From a wife arguing without a cause to watching Star Plus all day, Saggu’s track provides the definition of an Asian Drama Queen.

Drama Queen (feat. Daljit Mattu) - Single - Bups Saggu


Gorilla Singh
+1 #3 Gorilla Singh 2012-12-20 15:10
Rass same old shit and btw Jeeti produced this also hes just trying to be another PBN! but its not done that well as he thought!
+1 #2 sumiraaz 2012-12-19 19:46
Need something different this is so boring
+1 #1 RealMusic 2012-12-17 08:08
Productions is same old! Lyrics make it what it is..

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