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Gin & Rees ft. Jagdev - Dil Aj Nachan Nuh (Full Video)

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Following the incredible success of their debut single ‘Sanu Teh Changa’, producing duo Gin & Rees are back with a huge Bhangra dance-floor filler, 'Dil Aj Nachan Nuh' for Christmas - check out full video here!


pop star
+5 #5 pop star 2012-12-11 15:33
I loved there last track!!it was pure quality!!

This one is is a solid track! Vocals are great! 10/10!

Music: got a nice urban kick to it! and goes well with the vocal! 10/10

Video: ok not the best! same old when it comes to club videos.. but its done the job! good o see the singer in the video! 3/10

overal, i have bought the track , 8/10!
+2 #4 Chicken 2012-12-10 15:11
did i just see the chicken dance? omg i did!!
0 #3 rajanx 2012-12-08 17:11
Compared to the 1st track this is not all that, they should have done a better job :/
0 #2 chinjajatt 2012-12-08 16:46
the two producers are jumping around acting like its their first time in a video hhhahaa
Bhangra singh
-1 #1 Bhangra singh 2012-12-08 16:44
realli good music, singers not all that but the music makes this tune!!! overall very good

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