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Sona Walia - Krazy Heer (Full Video)

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Sona Walia returns with her brand new track ‘Krazy Heer’ taken from her forthcoming album - Check out the full video here!

PTC Award winner Sona Walia is back with her brand new single ‘Krazy Heer’. Sona Walia teams up with Tejwant Kittu again. This team previously brought you the global hit ‘Akhiyan’, alongside international superstar, Apache Indian. The huge success of ‘Akhiyan’ lead it to be featured in Eastenders in December 2009.

Born and raised in Jalandhar, Punjab, Sona Walia is a vocal music graduate and has been guided by classical vocalist Prof. Baldev Narang since entering the music industry. Sona Walia released her debut album ‘Resham Di Dori’ in 2008, on VIP Records and went on to win awards at the PTC Punjabi Awards and at the UK Bhangra Awards in London.

The second album by Sona Walia entitled ‘Kuri Punjaban’, which was again produced by Tejwant Kittu, was released in 2010. The success of both of her albums lead to her being recognised on a wider scale, she also received an award for her contribution to Punjabi culture through Punjabi songs in March 2010 at The House of Commons by The All Party Parliamentary Group in Britain. If that’s not enough, Sona Walia hosted one of the biggest Punjabi singing contests in Punjab, in 2010 ‘Voice of Punjab’ for PTC Punjabi. She also performed at The Royal Wedding, the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. Sona Walia has also been supporting charity organsations through musical art and has toured in worldwide including; Dubai, India, Spain, Canada, Begium and France (just to name a few)

The brand new single, Krazy Heer, is taken from her forthcoming album. The lyrics have been penned by Harinderjeet Waraich and the video has been shot in Film city in Mumbai by Kittu Productions.

Krazy Heer - Single - Sona Walia


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OMG She is Hot and has a good voice 2!

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OMG She is Hot and has a good voice 2!

Pop Star how can you call this wack it sounds wicked
jaz r
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nice song!!
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