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Gurinder Seagal - Dilruba (Full Video)

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Gurinder Seagal releases his latest single titled Dilruba which is out now on itunes.  Read what he had to say about the track and check out the full video here!


Dilruba - Single - Gurinder Seagal

Gurinder quotes "Dilruba is one of my favorite track out of all my tracks in my album. A well written "ROMANTIC" track in Urdu punjabi and sang in playback Bollywood style. It's a soft romantic track and can also be enjoyed on dance-floor with or with out your dance partner.   Me and Kazman (producer of Dilruba) were Chilling at studio and Kazman was playing Raga Darbari and I started singing along. We recorded a rough melody and we end-up with Dilruba.

As you guys know I always try and do something different. No matter if its the track or the video. When I heard the final version of Dilruba I could visualize myself singing around in mountains, Rivers, amazing locations. It did cost me some good money in finding those locations and shoot but at the end it was all worth it.

Asking him what what the response was so far from the track and the hype it has created already on facebook and twitter he quotes, "May be because I'm a B+ blood group (laughs) well it's true I always tweet about being positive and focus on what ever you do. A little bit of negativity can stop you making a right decision. You have to take chances in life and if you take then being positive about it you won't lose focus. For me being positive about my music is almost as important as breathing.

I can say is Dilruba is available on iTunes go buy it and support really music and give your feed back, what you guys think about my singing and writing. Be positive and don't lose hope.

Really would like to thank for supporting new talent and giving them the platform to show the world what they have got.


pop star
+3 #8 pop star 2012-12-10 15:25
Great vocal! really good music! whack video!
dj cogy g
+1 #7 dj cogy g 2012-12-10 03:35
gurinder my man you are going places with this track I know what your doing, you are trying to sound like ramzi but its all good whatever sounds good that is a awesome song i'll give it up to you. Especially someone who didn't come from music background
+5 #6 Weeman 2012-12-07 13:20
One very important thing: No need to over improvise on the word "pocket". That was actually a bad move, because he showed some stable singing in this song.

The cheesy part of this song is obviously the "pocket" part. That word don't deserve improvisation.

My rating would be as following:

Singing 7/10
Lyrics 5/10 but minus one for the "pocket", so 4/10
Music 6/10
+3 #5 Weeman 2012-12-07 08:23
Since Gurinder humbly asked for feedback, here is mine:

He is definitely improving his singing. Without a doubt. Compared to what he sang before this is probably the better one showing his ability to sing.

However, i won't purchase or listen to this song out of interest. Because personally i don't feel that music industry is something where you come to improve yourself, but you should be ready from the very first day you enter. It's not a like a school focusing on your personal improvement, but rather, it's business which should deliver a quality product for the consumer.

There are simply too many "improving or trying to see how it goes" guys in the industry already.

The lyrics should had been different. Personally didn't feel it at all.

But last but not least, Gurinder is improving and props for that brother.
+5 #4 Weeman 2012-12-07 08:13
Quoting Weeman:
Big Tune

Don't take my name asshole. Try to be a little more original :D
+4 #3 sumanK 2012-12-07 07:43
He gets better with every track done. Like the style of this one.
+2 #2 rajanx 2012-12-06 23:04
Lyrics, song video this is what we need more of, thank you sb for sharing xx
0 #1 Weeman 2012-12-06 22:59
Big Tune

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