Daljit Mattu - Jee Tu Sohniye Jee (Full Video)

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Daljit Mattu is back with a brand new single 'Jee Tu Sohniye Jee', watch the full video here! Teaming up with Jeeti & Moviebox 'Jee Tu Sohniye Jee' is the first single from his new untitled album.


pop star
0 #1 pop star 2012-10-02 09:53
is it me, or is the vocal waaay to loud!

whack video! they put a effect on to show that it is snowing and she is wearing a cluding dress in the day lol

music not bad: 4/10
Vocal: 4/10

the whole thing seems like a very poor quality... and singer dose sound slighty constipated

over all 3/10

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