Amir Nawaz Releases His Second Single ‘Kalli Kalli Nachdi’

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After the successful release of his first track 'Raj Raj Keh' Amir Nawaz now brings to you his second single this year 'Kalli Kalli Nachdi ' (Produced By Gorilla Chilla Productions), download here!


Amir - Raj Raj Keh (Gorilla Chilla Productions) - Click Link to Download!

This track is an upbeat club track layered with the soft melodious vocals of Amir. This is one of the many new styles Amir will bring to you and is sure to get all his fans dancing!

For those who may not be aware Amir Nawaz is a brand new artist hailing from the UK. Born and raised in Manchester, Amir is a new bhangra/Bollywood singer and songwriter who found his interest in singing through experiences in life wish he wished to portray in a positive way. His spark for music began at the age of 15 when he would enjoy listening to a variety of Punjabi and Urdu songs.

To keep track of Amir, You can join him on the pages below for events, music and future releases.

And we look forward to awaiting his new album which releases Early Next Year!

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