Amir Nawaz - Raj Raj Keh (Free Download)

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Amir Nawaz is a brand new artist hailing from the UK . Born and raised in manchester , amir is a new bhangra/bollywood singer and songwriter who found his interest in singing through experiences in life wish he wished to portray in a positive way .

His spark for music began at the age of 15 when he would enjoy listening to a variety of punjabi and urdu songs. As he grew older and realised the unique talent he had , he released his single 'Jaan Meriye ' in March 2010 which in a short period of time gathered a huge amount of interest and views on youtube. All the love and support from his fans gave him a boost and started him on his musical adventure! A short period later in OCT 2010 Amir starting working on his next single project ' Tenu Ki Milya' which was a slow emotional love song. At the time of release , there was a hurricane of thoughts circling his mind and to find closure he decided to release this track. The track was released an instantly was loved by all his fans and the general public . From this point on his fan base had started to develop and his passion for music grew immensely.

After carefull analysis amir still felt there was a flaw in himself , and decided to take a 2 year Gap to attain some classical vocal lessons from a well respected Classical Singing Vocal Tutor. Within this period amir susbtantially developed his voice and learnt how to control and project his voice to the best of his ability. Alongside his vocal lessons he learnt the basics of the Baja (Harmonium) to accompany and help him with his vocal scales . Withing this period Amir had met many known producers and singers and gathered alot of valuable knowledge to assist him in his passion.

Since Amir recieved many emails , messages and requests to release new material which was more upbeat which led him to write his new single 'Raj Raj Keh' (PRODUCED BY GORILLA CHILLA PRODUCTIONS) The single is a jazzy upbeat bhangra song which has been released on 27th Sept 2012 and is already receiving an overwhelming positive response from all his fans and public and is available for a free download.

Amir presently is working on his Album which is due to release Officially very soon . You can keep up to date with him on the details below !



Sam E
+8 #5 RE: Amir Nawaz - Raj Raj Keh (Free Download)Sam E 2012-10-03 14:47
Great voice !! Great music. But bro 2 years is not enought learning classical music,people practice years & years & they don't get the wishfull result. Though Big up to ya bro I like it. Keep downloading fresh artist in town :-)
Music Maniac
+6 #4 RE: Amir Nawaz - Raj Raj Keh (Free Download)Music Maniac 2012-10-02 12:32
This Guy is amazing x Love his voice & Music is Good too. Congratz !! Keep downloading people...
+6 #3 RE: Amir Nawaz - Raj Raj Keh (Free Download)WeeMan 2012-10-02 11:56
Bro, don't call yourself for bollywood singer unless your tayarii (preparation) is proper.

2 years of singing learning is not enough. Go beyond the average and mediocre artist.

Best of luck to you
+6 #2 RE: Amir Nawaz - Raj Raj Keh (Free Download)simmy 2012-10-02 11:11
wonderful tune :D
pop star
0 #1 RE: Amir Nawaz - Raj Raj Keh (Free Download)pop star 2012-10-02 08:56
starts off ok.. then it goes into a amateur music!


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