Guvy Heer signs to VIP Records

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VIP Records have teamed up with one of the most prolific video directors in the Asian music scene; Guvy Heer in an exclusive agreement! VIP Records are now proud to announce that Guvy Heer has joined VIP Records as their in-house director, which will see the video director work exclusively with VIP Records artists on all future projects.

Guvy Heer has been at the forefront of the Asian music scene with his video production skills; working with the likes of Surinder Shinda, Labh Janjua, Heera, K S Bhamrah, Bhinda Jatt, Nirmal Sidhu, H-Dhami, Jaswinder Daghamia, Dev Dhillon, Saini Surinder, JK, Garry Sandhu, Joga, Dalvinder Singh, Rana Sahota, Foji, Notorious Jatt, Money Spinners, Gupsy Aujla, Panjabi By Nature, GV, Tarli Digital, Dipps Bhamrah, Jags Klimax, Tru Skool, Jr Dread, Surinder Rattan, Blitzkrieg, Jonny Khalsi, DJ Vix, and many, many more!

Clearly well established and a house-hold name in the industry, Guvy Heer set a new benchmark for quality videos in the Asian music scene, striving for originality and new concepts; best shown with his work with Gupsy Aujla on ‘Jatt Di Jawani’ and the historically themed ‘Sher Soorma’.

Guvy Heer also saw his work with Garry Sandhu on ‘Sahan To Pyariya’ nominated for ‘Best Video’ in the Brit Asia Music Awards 2011. Now working alongside VIP Records’ impressive roster of artists which includes JK, Tru Skool, Nirmal Sidhu, Raman Aujla & Jags Klimax to name but a few, Guvy Heer will set out to raise the benchmark further!

Speaking on the new partnership with VIP Records, Guvy Heer stated: ''The team behind 'Guvy Heer' thrives to bring innovative storylines, energetic dancing and classic family viewing Music Videos. We believe the team at VIP and the artists at the label are at the forefront in innovation in the Bhangra Industry and we'd have it no other way than to be part of the movement and successful journey it has embarked upon. 2012 will see the biggest productions and the most entertaining music videos from the Guvy Heer team and VIP, GUARANTEED. We look forward to entertaining you! A big thank you to the fans and the public and last but not least the continued support of the artists and record labels that have kept me busy for so long.''

Guvy Heer’s first official release with VIP Records is the chart topping single ‘Chak Dhen Geh’ by Gurbhej Brar & Tru Skool, which is now airing on TV & via the web!

Below is a short highlight of Guvy Heer’s best work in the Asian music industry to date. Watch out for further exciting & groundbreaking videos coming from VIP Records & Guvy Heer!

You can visit Guvy Heer’s site at


mr knw
+2 #3 mr knw 2011-11-25 11:31
so freakin what,guvy heer is a two bob director who aint got a clue..ive seen him work so many times and he aint got a clue whats goin on..he jus follows the ballastic guys around makin look like his work..aint gnna mention any names but on one video set i was on the song was about drink and guvy diddnt even have one shot with a drink in it lol..wen questioned he jus simply replied "i dont think its needed" all his vids are the same and will always will be...ive never got why asian artist stick to the same handful of directors????


+1 #2 BhangraKnight01 2011-11-22 16:48
lolll, this supposed to be big news? Making out like Steven Spielberg signed up or something.

If the Chak Dehn Ge video anything to go by, wont hold my breath!!!
satya nas
+1 #1 satya nas 2011-11-19 20:42
Thats Really GOOD NEWS!!!!! This Record label has one dimensional videos and what better, but a one dimensional Video Director, the great Guvy Heer. Both Well Suited.
Balle Shera, [censored] Fateh.......... ............... .........

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